What can I expect from my first treatment?

The first treatment will occur after the review of findings from the initial evaluation. Before any care is given, Dr. Virusky will demonstrate the treatment techniques to be used and make sure the patient is comfortable and his/her questions have been answered. There are generally three possible outcomes that occur with treatment. The most common and expected outcome is for a person to feel some degree of immediate relief of their complaints. A smaller group of people will feel about the same at the time of treatment and will experience a wave of improvement minutes to hours later. Rarely, in a very small group of people, some might feel an increase in stiffness or soreness. In general, when performed properly, chiropractic treatments should not cause discomfort, but provide relief.

The benefits of treatment are cumulative and patients will generally feel better for longer with each visit until resolution of their problem occurs.

The adjustment, which is the word used to describe techniques to work on joint function, should feel good. In many cases as the joints move with the adjustment one can hear a click or popping noise. This sound is simply the result of a gas reaction that occurs when joints move through their full range of motion. In the event this sound bothers you, there are treatment techniques that can be used to avoid the creation of the clicking or popping noise.

Different tools such as ice, heat, deep tissue massage or electric muscle stimulation/IFC can be used in conjunction with the adjustment to help the healing process. Treatments generally take between 15 and 30 minutes.